Shoal Kirk Birthday Parties

Shoal Kirk is for Sale

While on the market, Shoal Kirk is available for booking 60 days out from the date of your event.

Come celebrate

your birthday

with us!

Birthdays at Shoal Kirk are great because:


We have a Splash Pad!


There is a pavilion with lots of picnic tables. 


The pavilion also includes bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a propane grill.


Campfire rings are already in place and ready for cookouts or making smores.  


You can play or fish in the creek. 


There is lots of open space for games like kickball, wiffleball, soccer, and anything else.


You are welcome to camp overnight, either in your own tents, or in the lodge.


The lodge has a kitchen, bathrooms with showers, and two different sleeping areas that have a total of 9 bunk beds (18 places to sleep). There is extra room to sleep in two lofts if you bring your own sleeping pads. 


The property is just under 100 acres with scenic hiking trails. 


Daytime  &/or Overnight         $200